RRCP are the exclusive UK producers of high quality Key refinery fittings. Traditionally used in crude and vacuum furnaces, Key fittings are now widely specified for Visbreakers and other applications handling crude oil where simplified inspection and clean-out of furnace pipework is advantageous.


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1. TYPE 1900
2. TYPE 6150
3. TYPE 7000
4. TYPE 7200

RRCP have a long established reputation and extensive knowledge in the manufacture of carbon steel, low alloy, stainless and heat resisting steel pressure castings for the petrochemical industry and refineries. All fittings are subjected to stringent process controls in manufacture validated by modern non-destructive testing techniques.
All fittings are fully machined, assembled, and pressure tested prior to despatch.

RRCP have approximately 9000 drawings and pattern equipment for Key refinery fittings and reformer tube bends. So which ever type you have in your refinery it is highly likely that we will have the drawings and equipment to manufacture it.

With the expertise and knowledge gained over years of supplying Key refinery fittings RRCP are able to supply to an exacting quality standard within reasonable delivery requirements.