Our main products include;

1. Tube sheets, tube sheet brackets, support brackets, support hangers and various static support castings, produced in a range of heat resisting alloys.

2. Furnace furniture.
We supply and manufacture Heat Treatment Fixtures for Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnaces, Sealed Quench Furnaces, Vacuum Furnaces, Fluidized Bed furnaces, Shaker Hearth Furnaces and fixtures suitable for polymer quenching, Heat Treatment Trays, Heat treatment baskets, Base Grids, Heat treatment work baskets. In a range of, nickle based, austenitic heat resisting alloys.

3. Valve body, Pump body and impeller castings.

RRCP are Specialists in providing valve components in an extensive range of alloys.

Valve types include but not limited to:

Gate, Globe, Check, Ball and Butterfly.

Having the ability to cast difficult alloys to high integrity specifications is vital for safety critical applications.

We supply all types and sizes of impeller casting from a 1kg investment casting up to a 3000kg sand cast impeller.

There are no limits to the types or styles of impeller that we can supply from open vein to shrouded single and double entry types.
Materials range: Cast Iron and S.G Irons, Carbon, Stainless, Duplex and Super Duplex steels plus the more exotic Hastelloy Monels and the LaBour R55 type materials, Aluminium Bronze plus all associated gun and yellow metals.

4. One stop sourcing is a service offered to ensure components in all alloys can be provided to the same high specifications and integrity.

5. We can supply fully finished machined castings.