RRCP  have developed partnerships in technical and production facilities throughout the world, manufacturing wide range of alloy cast products from intricate components weighing less than 1kg to high pressure subsea control valves weighing over 9000kg.

Our materials expertise is second to none particularly in the heat resistant material sector including:

Carbon steels – A216 and A352

Low alloy and stainless steels – A217 and A351

Alloy steels – from A297 HF to A297 HX

Higher alloy steels – IN657 (A560 50Ni/50Cr), Inconell, Monel, Hastelloy.

We pride ourselves with having a strong technical capability covering casting design, metallurgy and non-destructive testing which ensure that our customer’s products meet the most exacting standards.

The Manufacturing facilities we use have been chosen to optimise production efficiency and enable us to supply our customers with high quality products in the best possible lead times and at competitive prices.

Our technical team are able to assist our customers with their product design so that the design criteria can be met while improving the castability and overall foundry friendliness of the casting thus eliminate potential foundry methoding problems.

RRCP offer their vast experience to customers in both expediting and inspection.

Our experience ensures that the customer’s products are delivered with the safe knowledge and understanding that the castings are manufactured to the specification and standards required when the product is designed and purchased.

We offer complete project management including casting, fabrication, machining, non-destructive testing, pressure testing, and special painting. This allows the customer to place one order for the complete manufacture of the required component, from conceptual design to finished part ready for installation.